We are smart. We are respectful. We are Viking STRONG! Mark your calendars! The Christmas concert this year will be on the 14th of December. The K-5 program will be at 2:15 and the Jr/Sr High will be at 6:00.





Mission Statement:

The staff at Baraga Area Schools believes our school purpose is to provide a safe, positive learning environment where all students can achieve to their highest potential and become life-long learners.  Baraga Area Schools is a place where all students can learn regardless of their physical, emotional, or social limitations.  We feel it is our purpose to instill a feeling of confidence and self worth while fostering the ability to deal with life’s tasks.


PLES-Building BHS-Building
 Philip LaTendresse Elementary  Baraga Junior/Senior High School


Bids being accepted

Board of Education

Board Meeting Dates


School board meeting minutes

  • A. William Stark- President
  • William Jondreau- Vice-President
  • Byron Sailor – Secretary
  • Sarah Maki- Treasurer
  • Ralph Sackett – Trustee
  • Christy Miron- Trustee
  • Sheila Osterman – Trustee

District Information

  1. Emergency Drill Listing 9-15-17
  2. Emergency Drill Listing 10-12-17

Support Organizations

Employment Opportunities

Kindergarten Aides

40 Hour Custodial Bus Driver Afternoon Shift

8th Grade boys basketball coach







H&H Color Lab