Monday – Teiyaki Dippers w/chow mein noodles, orange wedge, tomatoes, 1% milk

Tuesday – Taco quesadilla bites, corn, strawberries, 1% milk

Wednesday – Spaghetti w/meat sauce, celery, banana, 1% milk

Thursday – Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, peaches, 1% milk

Friday – Calzone pizza, whole apple, carrots, cookie, 1% milk



Exam exemption forms are on the counter in the high school office.

Any student from the classes of 2022-2023 who would like information about dual enrollment should email Mrs. Rinkinen to set up a time to review transcripts and test scores. 

Bash permission slips are on the counter in the high school office.

SENIORS – Please start turning in your Chromebooks and chargers (if you have one) to Mrs. Wisniewski.  They MUST be returned to her no later than Monday, May 24th or you will be charged for them.

If you borrowed a Chromebook charger during a quarantine, please return to Mrs. Wisniewski ASAP

With the recent influx in the rise of positives and the new variants, it is more important than ever that we continue to wear our masks and do so properly. You are doing a great job, so please keep it up for a little while longer. 

There are a lot of missing/overdue library books from last school year and this school year.  If you have any at home or in your locker please return them to Mrs. Jorgenson in the Library as soon as possible so you do not get a bill in the mail for the replacement cost of the books.

Tutoring is being held in Jackie Heikkinen’s room and will run from 3:30 – 5:00 Monday through Thursday.

Thursdays 3:30-4:30 Upward Bound tutoring in the library.

STUDENT OF THE WEEK:   May 17-21, 2021

Middle School – Landon S. – He is a student who takes pride in his work--both in and out of the classroom. If he is absent, he will email his teachers and let you know that he will not be attending school that day and ask for his homework. He will do it right away and that is an awesome responsibility for a sixth grade student. In the class, he takes pride at earning good grades and knowing what to do or improve on IF something is wrong. He helps others without hesitation and does extra credit if possible to get and keep his grade as high as possible. Landon is also friendly and respectful to all, yet quiet and compassionate. Way to be Viking Strong!

High School – Richard G. – he always has a smile on his face! He is a fun and joyful person and always has people laughing. Even when things aren't going his way he tries to stay positive! Richard is a joy to have in class and has worked hard to stay on top of all of his assignments! Way to go Richard! Congratulations! And congratulations to the rest of the seniors! You made it!


High School – Samantha H.

Middle School – Megan M.


UPCOMING EVENTS: Week of May 24-29, 2021

Tuesday – Girls Golf @ George Young

                   High School Track @ Lake Linden

Wednesday – Golf @ Watersmeet

                        JH Track @ Home

                        Softball @ Home