Monday – No School

Tuesday – Hamburger, orange wedge, tater tots, 1% milk

Wednesday – Pasty, coleslaw, peaches, 1% milk

Thursday – Chicken patty sandwich, broccoli, pears, 1% milk

Friday – Cheese stuffed pizza, apples, carrots, cookie, 1% milk



If anyone is interested in participating in a small pep band for Lumberjack days on July 3, please reach out to Ms. Nevala. We are also looking to invite alumni to participate. More information will be coming soon.

Exam exemption forms are on the counter in the high school office.

Any student from the classes of 2022-2023 who would like information about dual enrollment should email Mrs. Rinkinen to set up a time to review transcripts and test scores. 

All dual enrollment forms are due on June 4th. If you haven't gotten yours from Mrs. Rinkinen yet, please stop by her office.

6th-12th GRADE YEARBOOKS ARE ON SALE NOW! $28 for soft cover and $34.95 for hard cover. Order by June 20th for free shipping to the school. Go to  and type in our school code:1015724505332948 to order. Details are also posted on our school website and school Facebook page. If you are unable to order online contact or see Mrs. Klein -

If you borrowed a Chromebook charger during a quarantine, please return to Mrs. Wisniewski ASAP

The last day to check out books from the Library is May 28th.  All books MUST be returned or paid for by June 4th.  Mrs. Jorgenson has a list of fines and overdue books so please check with her if you are not sure if you are on this list.

Tutoring is being held in Jackie Heikkinen’s room and will run from 3:30 – 5:00 Monday through Thursday.

Thursdays 3:30-4:30 Upward Bound tutoring in the library

STUDENT OF THE WEEK:   May 24-28, 2021

Middle School – Ronnie T. – He has made great strides in class. He raises his hand to participate and has been really involved in class discussions. It is good to see him come out of his shell and gain the confidence to get out and take charge of his learning. Keep it up, Ronnie! 

High School – Thomas W. – he has shown great work ethic in the previous couple of weeks. When he was in quarantine I worried he was going to fall behind. When he came back he completed all the work he missed and brought his grade back up to more than passing. His slides are always a blast to see and I hope he gets a job in graphic design, any company would be popular instantly! Good work Tom, keep up the great work and finish the year strong. 


High School – Samantha H.

Middle School – Megan M.


UPCOMING EVENTS: Week of June 1-5, 2021

Tuesday – Softball @ Lake Linden, release players at 2:15

Thursday – High School Golf @ Escanaba

Friday – JH Track @ Calumet

Saturday – High School Track UP Finals