About us


School District No. 1 was established in 1881 six years after Baraga County was formed. Seventy- seven pupils from the ages of 5 to 21 enrolled in the ungraded school system in 1885 – 1886.


Baraga is an excellent Class “D” school. We now have an enrollment of approximately 340 students.


Grades 7-12 have a curriculum offering that meets the Michigan State Standards for learning. In addition special education, remedial programs and counseling are offered as well as access to vocational classes.


We have a staff that consists of 26 teachers, 2 administrators, 3 secretaries, 3 cooks, 6 bus driver/custodians and a number of support staff.


High School Student of the Week

–High School Student of the Week–Cole gives his best effort at all times. He makes teaching really fun, because he WANTS to learn and wants to listen. He identifies as Viking Strong and really shows his classmates what it means to take pride in your work. It’s a pleasure teaching you and knowing you!

- Baraga High School Staff

Middle School  Student of the Week

–Middle School Student of the Week–Kadynce is an incredibly bright student who comes to school every day ready to learn. She is incredibly kind and is always ready to lend a helping hand. She participates in class discussions and always stays on top of her work. It's been a joy getting to know you this year! Kadynce, thank you for all your hard work! Way to be Viking Strong!

- Baraga Middle School Staff

5th Grade Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-5th Grade. Izibella has a great work ethic across all subjects. She is hardworking, cooperative, and loves the challenge of learning new things. Izi takes pride in her work, is competitive, friendly, passionate, and respectful. She was voted by her classmates and this honor is well deserved. In my opinion, they couldn't have selected a better person for this month. She focuses on what needs to get done and her determination is great as well. She has a lover for math, crocheting, her family, basketball, softball, football, and more. Continue to defend your loves and keep being excellent!

- PLES Staff

4th Grade Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-4th Grade. Tyler is an all-around wonderful VIKE. If you walk into our classroom you will likely find him working hard and following classroom expectations. He is a role model for his classmates as he is always working hard and not afraid to ask for help if he needs it. He is always attentive and participates in classroom lessons and takes pride in his school work. Tyler is a kind and truthful friend to all. I am so thankful to have Tyler in our classroom this year. He is rocking 4th grade. Keep up the great work, Tyler. I am so proud of you!

- PLES Staff

3rd Grade Vike of the Month.

Vike of the Month-3rd Grade. Kyla is the January third grade VIKE of the month! Kyla is a great example of what a VIKE is. She comes to class everyday ready to learn. She has a positive attitude and a hard work ethic. If you ever see Kyla when it’s not work time you will probably see her doing TikTok dances or gymnastics! She is never afraid to be herself! Kyla is very funny, and gets along with everyone! She is great at knowing when it is time to learn and do her best work! She is very kind to her classmates, and peers! She is respectful and makes good decisions! She has had a lot of growth this year and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year goes! I am so proud of you Kyla!

- PLES Staff

2nd Grade Vike of the Month.

Vike of the Month-2nd Grade. Wyatt is the second grade Vike of the Month for January. Wyatt is very respectful to all adults and his friends. He comes in each morning with a smile, ready to begin the day. I appreciate how Wyatt chooses to make positive choices daily. He sets a great example for those around him, even when there are many distractions. I cannot say enough about how kind and helpful Wyatt is. He is always looking for ways to help others, his teachers, and is always ready to offer encouraging words to his friends. Wyatt is a hard worker and always does his best in each subject. I appreciate his positive attitude and willingness to ask for help when he is unsure about something. All around, Wyatt sets an amazing example for others to follow. Congratulations, Wyatt, I am so proud of you!

- Author Name

2nd Grade Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-1st Grade. Jannii perfectly follows all the expectations of a VIKE. Jannii works very hard at all times and is a friend to everyone. She sets a great example in the classroom and I have seen her give kind reminders to other students to stay on task. I can always count on Jannii to be participating at carpet, during calendar, and during independent work time. Often times she keeps to herself to get things done and works independently without any problems. I have seen Jannii help others clean up spills or toys that she did not have a part in, help them clean off their desk after a messy project, or help explain an assignment to someone if they need it. She is kind, respectful, honest, and fun to be around. I love hearing stories that Jannii tells or the thoughtful questions she asks. Keep up the good work Jannii, I am so proud of you!

- PLES Staff


Vike of the Month-1st Grade. Hali has been doing a great job all year long in first grade and has earned the right to be our January Vike of the Month! She is so kind and friendly, and comes to school every day ready to learn, with a smile on her face. She is respectful to everyone and cares about others feelings. Hali pays attention and participates during lessons, and is focused during independent work time. She loves to learn and she works hard. She likes to be helpful, and you can count on her to do the right thing. You are fantastic, Hali! Way to go!

- PLES Staff

Kindergarten Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-Kindergarten. Anevay has made huge progress this year, and it has been my absolute pleasure to witness it. We all see Anevay’s smiling face in the hallway, but here are some things about Anevay that you might not know. She absolutely loves using the computer and has learned the appropriate times to use it in school. Fish are one of her favorite creatures, and she likes sitting down to listen to fish stories, and others, with her classmates. Anevay can name many letters of the alphabet and participates in whole group phonics activities. If you were to walk by our classroom you might see Anevay sitting by the carpet for ECRI, giggling with her friends, or using her talker to tell us all that she really wants a cupcake. I am in awe of the growth that Anevay has made this year and can’t wait to see what this amazing girl will do next. I am so proud of you, Anevay!

- PLES Staff

K Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-Little Vikes. Anakin is respectful, helpful and always kind to others. In class he follows our social contract and school rules. Anakin sets a good example for his classmates as he follows along during lessons and works during work times. He likes to learn new thing and is proud of himself when he does well. Keep up the good work!

- PLES Staff

Middle School Student of the Month.

Middle School Student of the Month--January. Jackson is an amazing Viking! He is quiet and well behaved in all areas of the building. He excels in his school work by staying caught up in all of his classes. Thank you for being such a kind person! Way to be Viking Strong.

- BAS Staff

High School Student of the Month.

High School Student of the Month--January. Kaylynn is a student who embodies Viking Strongin all she does. She works hard, has integrity, andis kind to those around her. Kaylynn has maintained good grades in my class by asking questions on assignments when needed, having good attendance, and paying attention to instruction- not to mention she turns in every assignment on time and with high quality work. One of my favorite things about Kaylynn is her quiet but kind personality. I've never heard her talk negatively about others, but I have seen her standup for what's right when she sees someone being mistreated. Her actions don't go unnoticed. She is an all around great kid, and I appreciate having her in class!

- BAS Staff