About us


School District No. 1 was established in 1881 six years after Baraga County was formed. Seventy- seven pupils from the ages of 5 to 21 enrolled in the ungraded school system in 1885 – 1886.


Baraga is an excellent Class “D” school. We now have an enrollment of approximately 340 students.


Grades 7-12 have a curriculum offering that meets the Michigan State Standards for learning. In addition special education, remedial programs and counseling are offered as well as access to vocational classes.


We have a staff that consists of 26 teachers, 2 administrators, 3 secretaries, 3 cooks, 6 bus driver/custodians and a number of support staff.


High School Student of the Week

–High School Student of the Week–Josh has done a great job of engaging in the classroom. Josh is focused in labs and in discussions. He has worked on speaking up and contributing to class in a meaningful way. Josh is respectful and positive. Keep up the great work!

- Baraga High School Staff

Middle School  Student of the Week

–Middle School Student of the Week–Delena has been working hard to keep her grades up, work on missing assignments, and has been coming for help with her math. She is always pleasant to work with, is polite and thankful, and I really enjoy her bubbly personality.

- Baraga Middle School Staff

5th Grade Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-5th Grade. I am pleased to announce Cade as April’s Student of the Month. In preparation for writing these speeches, I usually consult a list of positive character traits. For Cade, my list just kept going and going. He is just an all-around great person. Academically, he is responsible, organized, self-disciplined, and hard-working which has earned him a spot on the honor roll each quarter. While Cade is Very respectful, Kind to others, Excellent, and Safe, I want to focus on Individual. Cade has such a unique and charismatic personality that he stands out! He is optimistic, joyful, and quirky (in an appealing way) that it’s contagious. He is kind-hearted, generous, polite, and supportive. The one trait that screams the most from Cade is SOCIABLE! Cade loves to talk with others. He loves to hear about people and loves telling his own stories. Although Cade possesses boundless potential for the future, it wouldn't be surprising if you find yourself either splurging on unnecessary items or supporting innovative EMT ventures, given his exceptional salesmanship skills. Sociable is one of those words that can be viewed as positive or negative, but in Cade’s case, it is most definitely a positive trait. Thank you for spreading joy, Cade. Keep being amazing!

- PLES Staff

4th Grade Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-4th Grade. Our VIKE of the month goes to London Beesley. London has been doing an amazing job all year long. She is incredibly kind to everyone, is always doing what is expected of her, and doing so by putting forth her best effort. London goes above and beyond our VIKES expectations. She has a heart of gold and is always looking out for her classmates. Whether it is pairing up with someone in the classroom who doesn’t yet have a partner, or passing the ball to someone who hasn’t had a turn yet in gym class, you can count on London to notice and make sure everyone feels included. London has been working hard on her academics as well. She is very responsible and is ready to take on the 5th grade next year. Keep up the great work, London! I am so proud of you!

- PLES Staff

3rd Grade Vike of the Month.

Vike of the Month-3rd Grade. The April Vike of the month is Dekkar Denomie. Dekkar has come such a long way since the beginning of the year. I met Dekkar at our open house and he wouldn’t say a word to me. I tried talking about things he liked but nothing. Throughout the first couple weeks of school Dekkar was very quiet. Still respectful and kind; but very quiet. Dekkar started to break out of his shell around thanksgiving and he was volunteering to read in front of my class (which was huge progress from not even talking to me). Dekkar continued to make progress and talked in front of everyone at Christmas concert. He has continued this year to make growth. Dekkar is very smart, kind to others, he is funny, responsible and respectful. He has made me so proud of all the growth with academics and just being more open this year. Dekkar you will do great things next year! I am so proud of you! Congratulations!

- PLES Staff

2nd Grade Vike of the Month.

Vike of the Month-2nd Grade. I have chosen Ms. Rylie and Ms. Emma as the Vikes of the month for April. Both Ms. Rylie and Ms. Emma joined our classroom partway through the school year, but adjusted to our classroom very quickly. They are very respectful in their interactions with teachers and students. Each day they show kindness in how they talk to others, teaching students fun new crafts/games, or supporting students in their academics or other needs. Ms. Rylie goes above and beyond during WIN each day. She makes sure students are staying on task and reads books with them. Ms. Emma is always ready to help students in need, while also helping me complete many tasks. Emma and Rylie, I appreciate both of you so much. Thank you for the difference you make each day!

- PLES Staff

2nd Grade Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-1st Grade. The April VIKE of the month for First Grade is Aspen Dufek. Aspen does a wonderful job following VIKES behavior. I can tell that Aspen has been working very hard to earn VIKE of the month. She participates in everything we do as a class and she always does it with a smile on her face. She’s never afraid to ask for help and she never gives up when something is tough. I can always count on Aspen to lend a helping hand to a classmate whenever they need it. For example, the other day, Tessa spilled her water, and Aspen was the first one to jump up and go get some paper towels. Aspen is kind and caring. A couple days ago I saw her going around to people who weren’t playing with anyone during free time and asking if they would like to join in on a game. Thank you for always working hard and being so kind, Aspen. I am so proud of you!

- PLES Staff

Vike of the Month--First Grade.

Vike of the Month-1st Grade. Leo Lamson is Room 107’s April VIKE of the Month! Leo was new to Baraga this year, and he came in with a smile on his face, ready to go. During class once earlier in the year Leo told me, “I like to play!” “That’s great, I told him, remember though, there's time for working too.” As the year has progressed, Leo has learned that. Now he brings the same enthusiasm for playing to learning math and reading. Of course, he still likes to play, but first he gets his work done. Watching Leo grow this year has been fun. Way to go, Leo! Keep up the good work.

- PLES Staff

Kindergarten Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-Kindergarten. Rylan Mukka is our kindergarten Vike of the Month for April. Rylan works hard every single day and never gives up when things seem difficult. I have loved seeing Rylan’s personality shine this year as he shares a funny joke at morning meeting or shows off his moves during a dance break. Rylan is one of the first students to respond during whole group lessons and one of the first students to get started during independent work time. He truly does try his best and strives to be a Vike in our school. I look forward to seeing the outstanding things Rylan will accomplish in first grade and the years to follow. I am so proud of you, Rylan! Congratulations!

- PLES Staff

K Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-Little Vikes. The Little Vikes April Vike of the month is Zack Jokela. I can’t say enough about the progress Zack has made this year in class. Zack comes into our room each morning, gets his supplies needed for morning work, and sits in his area as directed. Zack has been transitioning from one activity to another with minimal prompting, and is able to attend most centers done in the room. Zack loves numbers, letters, puzzles, and legos. I am so proud of what he has already accomplished this year, and look forward to seeing all he will be able to do in the future. Congratulations, Zack. Keep up the good work.

- PLES Staff

Middle School Student of the Month.

Middle School Student of the Month--March. Maaria has been a positive addition to our school. She takes pride in her school work and all that she does. She is taking an advanced math class and truly enjoys the challenge. She participates in her classes, is confident in herself, respectful of everyone, helpful, and is indeed Viking Strong. Keep this up! Congratulations.

- BAS Staff

High School Student of the Month.

High School Student of the Month--March. Reese makes choosing Student of the Week easy! She is a fantastic student, earning excellent grades in advanced courses, while also participating in varsity basketball and track. Reese also works at the Drive In during the summer months, and is very active in the community. She can always be counted on to help out, whether it's for a class activity or helping a classmate understand an assignment. My favorite thing about Reese is her sense of humor; she makes me laugh often, and I appreciate that so much! Reese consistently turns in her work on time, has excellent attendance, and is kind to everyone around her, which makes her a perfect example of being VikingStrong. Thank you for all you do at our school, Reese. We are so grateful to have you as part of our Viking Family.

- BAS Staff