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School District No. 1 was established in 1881 six years after Baraga County was formed. Seventy- seven pupils from the ages of 5 to 21 enrolled in the ungraded school system in 1885 – 1886.


Baraga is an excellent Class “D” school. We now have an enrollment of approximately 340 students.


Grades 7-12 have a curriculum offering that meets the Michigan State Standards for learning. In addition special education, remedial programs and counseling are offered as well as access to vocational classes.


We have a staff that consists of 26 teachers, 2 administrators, 3 secretaries, 3 cooks, 6 bus driver/custodians and a number of support staff.

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High School Student of the Week

–High School Student of the Week–Talan is a joy to have in class. He is always on top of his assignments and strives to do the best he can. He has a great sense of humor and endless enthusiasm for learning and life. Talan is definitely Viking Strong! Keep up the great work.

- Baraga High School Staff

Middle School  Student of the Week

–Middle School Student of the Week–Emilia has made great progress completing assignments and has a more positive interest in school and learning. She is friendly to all students and cares about them. She is creative and has a eagerness to learn. Keep being Viking Strong.

- Baraga Middle School Staff

5th Grade Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-5th Grade. Anna approaches learning with great curiosity and determination. She excels at hands-on learning and can problem solve with the best. Anna is a leader, is responsible, respectful, and reliable. Anna makes learning fun for her classmates!

- PLES Staff

4th Grade Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-4th Grade. Hadley is a true example of what it means to be a VIKE. She is always very respectful to everyone, is not afraid to be an individual, always treats others with kindness, and has an great work ethic. Hadley is an excellent all-around kid.

- PLES Staff

3rd Grade Vike of the Month.

Vike of the Month-3rd Grade. Miina has grown academically and in her confidence. She is kind, is respectful, and overall an amazing student in and out of the classroom. She is always smiling, is a leader, and comes in everyday wanting to learn and willing to try new things.

- PLES Staff

2nd Grade Vike of the Month.

Vike of the Month-2nd Grade. Braxton loves to share his knowledge and does an excellent job in his academics, especially math. He has shown lots of growth in himself and that is amazing. He tries his best, is kind, and loves to tell jokes. We are very proud of you!

- PLES Staff

2nd Grade Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-1st Grade. Tanner follows all of the expectations that a true VIKE does. He is an exceptional student who participates and follows expectations. He is caring, kind, and helpful! His determination and hard work are amazing. He is rocking second grade.

- PLES Staff

Vike of the Month--First Grade.

Vike of the Month-1st Grade. Aleah is always kind to others and gets along well with everyone. She is respectful, safe, and always does the right thing. She improved greatly in both reading and math this year, and I know she will do great in second grade. Congratulations!

- PLES Staff

Kindergarten Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-Kindergarten. Jaelynn tries her hardest and never gives up. She has put in her best effort every single day of Kindergarten and it shows! She is willing to share, has a kind heart, and truly cares about others. I am so proud of you!

- PLES Staff

K Vike of the Month

Vike of the Month-Little Vikes. Aria comes to school each day with a big smile and is ready to learn. She sets a good example for others, is an active learner, and strives to do her best. Her good VIKES behavior and work ethic are top notch. Keep this up. I am proud of you!

- PLES Staff

Middle School Student of the Month.

Middle School Student of the Month--April. Aiyanna takes a quiet, yet respectful, approach to her studies. She truly cares about her grades and about her friendships. Continue to strive to be your best, because you are Viking Strong.

- BAS Staff

High School Student of the Month.

High School Student of the Month--April. Destin is always polite and respectful. He has been working hard all year to keep his grades up. He is also on the e-sports team. He is prepared when he comes to class and asks for help when he needs it. Congratulations!

- BAS Staff