I love teaching at BAS because it feels like a family. The staff and support staff make everyone feel very welcome and included. The students are exceptional to be around. They make the day fun and also a little crazy at times. I absolutely love getting to know everyone and getting to know everyone's story. It brings me such joy to be called their teacher/mentor and someone they can rely on.

Mariah Dunham  

   Athletic Director

I choose to work at BAS because this has been a very supportive work environment. Staff has always been willing to help problem-solve in the classroom. This is a school where I feel needed and appreciated.

Christina Gallup  


I love teaching at Baraga because everyone here is making a positive difference in the lives of students. The teachers are good friends and the staff has a great family feel. The students are diverse and they look out for each other.

Brian Irizarry  

   High School Teacher

I've taught in Baraga for 10 years. The staff here has become our family through the years, and I'm so grateful to be here. They understand the intensity of our job like no one else can, and they push me to become a better teacher. We all know that there are things we cannot change, but we help one another get through the hard days.

Amanda Rinkinen  

   English Teacher



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