Football begins September 8  

MHSAA Representative Council approved restarting the fall football season on Tuesday, September 8 and will conduct a fall football tournament for schools that wish to participate.  Fall schools will have two days of practice in “shells” (helmets and shoulder pads, only) beginning on September 8 followed by fully padded practice after those two days of “shells” practice.  From September 3-7, it is a dead period for football activity with nothing allowed involving football students and coaches other than the issuing of equipment.  Remember that no scrimmages in football are allowed at any time during the fall season.  The competition season will consist of six regular season games beginning the Thursday-Saturday of September 17-19.  Schools should resume their schedules beginning with what would have normally been Week 4 of the season, filling schedule openings with other participating schools.  Once the MHSAA has determined the number of schools participating in fall football, the postseason tournament will be organized placing all teams in the first round of the playoffs on October 30-31, guaranteeing all fall participating schools at least seven available varsity contest dates.  More details on the MHSAA playoffs will be shared very soon.