Monday – Stromboli, steamed carrots, peaches, 1% milk

Tuesday – PB&J uncrustable, Yogurt, bag of chips, whole apple, 1% milk

Wednesday – Turkey and cheese hot pocket, carrots, whole pear, 1% milk

Thursday – Mini cheeseburger, goldfish crackers, cucumber, applesauce, 1% milk

Friday – French bread pizza, broccoli, strawberry cups, special treat, 1% milk

Those taking from the salad bar must wear gloves.  The gloves are provided near the plates and the gloves must be thrown away at the end of the salad bar line.

S2 schedule changes for juniors and seniors will start tomorrow after lunch. 9th and 10th graders can do theirs starting on Thursday after lunch, and JH can change their schedules on Friday after lunch. If those times don't work, please email Mrs. Rinkinen for alternative times.

Helen is out today.  Please do not send students to her room.

Save the date-Prom May 14. More details to come!

Tutoring for exam week will be in Ms. Crittenden’s room on Monday from 3:30 to 5:00 and in Ms. Collins’ room on Tuesday from 3:30-5:00.

Any students that are failing 2 or more classes will be required to attend lunchtime Homework Help on Monday/Wednesday with Ms. Crittenden in Room 216. Grades will be checked weekly for all middle/high schoolers. If you are on the list at the beginning of the week, you will be required to attend on BOTH Monday/Wednesday.

The Medical Laboratory Science Program Director at Michigan Tech will be here to meet with any high school students that may be interested in the health/medical field on February 10th during 2nd hour in Ms. Lake's room.  Come hear about what really goes on:)


 STUDENT OF THE WEEK:   January 10 – 14, 2022

Middle School - Some students brighten your day when they enter the room.  They are happy to be in school and try to do their best.  One of these students is Lilly T.  She always comes to class with a positive attitude and tries to do her best. She is kind to her classmates and a great model of what Viking Strong means. Way to go Lilly! 

High School - Joel M. is always prepared for my class. He is a very kind & helpful student. When he receives a new assignment he starts until it is finished without any hesitation or complaints. He takes constructive criticism and feedback well. Joel is very personable and a joy to have in class each day. You will be missed by many when you graduate!

STUDENT OF THE MONTH:  December 2021

Middle School:  Elisa D.

High School:  Reide O.


Upcoming Sporting Events:   

Tuesday, January 18th

Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball @ ETC, 6:00/7:30

Hockey vs Calumet @ SDC, 7:00

Thursday, January 20th 

 Varsity Boys Basketball vs Ontonagon @ home, 6:00

Friday, January 21st 

JV & Varsity Girls Basketball vs Ontonagon @ home, 5:45/7:20

Saturday, January 22nd

Bowling vs Calumet @ Westwood, 11:00

 Hockey vs Gaylord @ Marquette, 1:00